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Nikki Jordan

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Ooooo baby, November is bumpy!And there are some BIG reasons for it.


Don't struggle, read Nikki's latest article to help you navigate it. 

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Be the CEO of your own life! Watch your life change for the better with Nikki's 1x1 catalyst sessions. All designed to clear out what's blocking you and get you on the right path with the healthiest body, mind and outlook on life. 

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Join our wonderful community in the Live Vibrantly group on Facebook. "Mystic Monday" channels messages from the Universe and Nikki shares tips and helpful guidance. Come join us!

Hi, I'm Nikki!


Welcome to my site and the community that's committed to helping you to live vibrantly in our new world! 

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I am a Transformation Coach, Course Teacher, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and a Mum. I love authenticity, empathy, helping others, animals, children, truth, spirituality, psychology, and kindness. 


In December 2012, the world started its 20 year shift towards the Age of Aquarius in 2032. This set us all on a brand new trajectory, and a whirlwind of experiences at every end of the spectrum.


The word "Transformation" sounds great in theory, but practically it can feel like you're in the middle of a hurricane holding onto a lone branch for safety. In every challenge you face, there is a reason, a healing, and a teaching for you. In my 1x1 sessions, I help you figure out what those are. 


You already have the knowledge inside of you, so let's figure out what is holding you back, clear it all out, and bring in the new for you! You can book 1x1 sessions, attend my events, and connect with my"Live Vibrantly" Facebook community where I share my 30 years of spiritual and transformational knowledge. 

Remember - you were not put on this earth to fail. That's not the human experience. And through interacting with me, you will soon learn to ignite your own intuition and fix your own life.  I'm living proof of this!


I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Book on an array of different courses, including Losing A Loved One, Overcoming The Grief of Losing A Pet, How To Breeze Through A Challenge, and many more.

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Check in regularly to see when events are happening - both in person and online. They are fully charged with wonderful energy and very uplifting!


Michelle Axford, Wales, U.K.

"When you have reached that point in your life when it's difficult to decide what path to take next and you have stalled, I can think of no better person than Nikki to help you prioritise your personal goals and your next steps. She is very empathic and is able to hone in to the exact issues that are holding you back, and how to move forward in a way that is right for you. Her courses and her transformation cards (which I use A LOT) have created big shifts in my own life and much needed guidance when I didn't know which path to take. Her intuition is so accurate and she sees things that even I can't see about myself! 

Zoe Olsommer, Switzerland

"I did the course “Activating your Twelve 5th dimensional chakras.“

I could perfectly relate to what Nikki transmitted because she made a point to share her own personal experiences with us, so that the theoretical part didn’t feel boring or completely out of context. Most importantly it gives me hope that the best is yet to come for everyone, even though so many people are still struggling to fit in this world.

It was a one of a kind experience for sure, even though I have been practicing meditation and yoga for a long time already. This workshop undoubtedly offered me something very unique.

Emma Brissat, Thailand

“I highly recommend working with Nikki as she is knowledgeable, intuitive and professional. She has a holistic approach and helps you see things from a different perspective, yet she adapts her advice to not only your goals but also your personality, your values and your culture. She is a wonderful person, very empathetic and always available which is really comforting. She is down to earth, makes you see problems in a more simpler way, which leads you to take bold steps and a boost to your confidence!”


We were not put on Earth to struggle and fail. Far from it! As we enter the Age of Aquarius, we each have a choice as to how we want our life to be. This means using our own intuition to solve our problems, accessing ancient knowledge and self-healing techniques to heal our own bodies and minds and using our skills to invent things that elevate our entire planet and the way we live. . By activating your own intuition and clearing your twelve chakras and lighting them up to be 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensional, you will automatically attract the most incredible life, and many opportunities to you.



The Nature is the master healer not just for our planet, but for each of us too. It is ALIVE and provides us with the life force we need on a daily basis to feel balanced and healthy. It is completely FREE to work with the Nature and her elements - all of which bring about incredible results. 


An animal or bird does not cross your path accidentally. There is always a reason. It could be to teach you something, or for healing, support, or to overcome a lesson. But the interaction is divinely ordered for the benefit of you individually, or for the mutual partnership that you agreed to carry out in this lifetime. Knowing how to interpret any relationship with an animal or bird is easier than you think. The hardest part is already done - they made a connection with you by landing in your life! The rest is up to you . . .


Guides are instrumental in helping us through our lives. They can be ancestors, angels, pegasus, dragons, unicorns, animals, birds, or ascended masters.  When you know how to work with your guides, you can receive unconditional help, ideas, guidance, and support that is 100% aligned to your own life purpose and success. The best part - it is completely FREE to work with them. 

Guru Kids

The amazing children I call "GuruKids" have been incarnating since 2005, and many have little to no karma to settle. They are highly evolved magnificent souls in little bodies. They possess a wisdom and knowingness that will propel our world forward in ways most adults cannot imagine. We have to learn to let them! Parenting these incredible children is an honour and priviledge, and sometimes challenging. It's imperative that we understand these precious children, and seek higher vibrational methods to help and support them throught their lives. 

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