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Heal Yourself: The Transformative Power Of The Beach

The beach - any beach - is my happy place!

Last evening I was at my local beach and snapped this pic on the left. I hadn't been there for about two weeks, which is unlike me as I feel off-centre if I don't go every few days.

Having spent four hours there, I woke up feeling lighter and clearer this morning, which I am convinced is down to the transformative power of nature's elements.

Walking on the sand, feeling the cool ocean water around my feet and ankles, breathing in the salt air and seeing the expanse of the water which appeared to have no beginning and no ending to it, always reminds me that my life has no limits. What I am able to achieve has no boundaries. Well, maybe my own mind and triggers which creep in every now and then, but that's a different topic for another day!

So why wouldn't I go to the beach every day if it is THIS transformative? Well, like you, my life just gets in the way sometimes, even though I know it is important for my soul and entire being to spend time at the ocean. The heat of where I live in S.E. Asia and being in perimenopause hot-flush hell, means that if I miss the morning, I have to wait until the end of the day. But on the days I can organise child and pet feeding, work, calls, laundry and dishes, I take myself off to the beach. And sometimes I rebel and I leave many of these things and go to the beach anyway!

I know from my Ayurveda studies that being around the ocean in particular will add the missing jigsaw piece if I feel unbalanced. That's just my own constitution. I don't know what you do for a living, or how you spend your days, but I encourage you to find out what can bring you back into harmony with yourself. It was huge light bulb moment for me when I took the time to discover for myself what takes me out of harmony and what brings me back. It's all part of our personal transformation process and important to understand.

My connection to the ocean has been with me for as long as I can remember. And when I think back through my life, I was born on an island within 15 minutes of the ocean; and every place I have lived in since I was born,has either been an island, or within 30 minutes of the ocean. I guess you could say the ocean is in my DNA, and I think that would be accurate! I love forests, jungle and woodlands too, but they are more inspirational and uplifting to me, whereas the ocean literally heals my cells and puts me back together.

In the Summer I went home to Wales after three and a half years away (the delay was not out of choice I might add).

The pic on the left is me on Port Einon beach in South Wales. Even looking at this pic conjures up exactly how I felt on that day. Don't you just love it when you have pictures that transport you back? As I am writing this to you, I can now smell the salty sea air, I can feel the freezing cold wind blowing all the cobwebs away and creating new fun hairstyles, and my heart feels happy, laughing and goofing around with my girl.

I could only be there for ten days and truthfully I was a medical mess after months of ill-health and operations three weeks before I flew. But there was a pull for me, a yearning to get back to the Welsh waters. Could it be the Celtic energy pulling me back to heal me? Perhaps. If you are a Celt then you may resonate with how strong that force is in us.

Over the ten days, we visited many beaches and it was very cold and windy (the norm for Wales!) but I honestly felt so blessed to be there. The land and seas of Wales, and my family, all combined all worked synchronistically together reconnect my missing jigsaw pieces. I left feeling whole again, and immensely stronger than when I arrived.

What exactly happens to us when we visit the beach and walk upon it?

Magic, that's what! It is without a doubt the second most helpful thing you can do for yourself, aside from sleeping. And it is FREE!

  • Oxygenates Cells - our cells house our biological machinery that makes the proteins, chemicals, and signals responsible for everything that happens inside our bodies. They are very important to look after but how often do you take a moment to pause and say "hey cells, how are you doing today?" We tend to take them for granted, and assume they are doing their job. But increasingly we are realising that we need to care about the cells we don't see in our body. But as luck would have it, when our bodies were created, Source knew this would be the case, and sent us the nature to help us.

  • Colour therapy - your eyes are able to take in natural sights, which decompress them and gives them a much needed rest. They are able to focus on healing colours. Grounding earthy beige/browns (sand) strengthen your sense of safety and your base chakra; the blue of the sky and sea activates your throat chakra (your communication centre); the healing green shades of the vegetation that surrounds the beach activates your third eye chakra, plus every organ of your body to purify and cleanse. Your heart also expands when it sees colour.

  • Emotional clarity - the smell of sea salt cleanses your olfactory system. Your pineal gland and pituitary glands activate and plump up. The symbols that we carry in our auras disappear. This also enables decalcification to happen.

  • Etheric guides - the air dragons dive in and around your body, using the wind to clear the cobwebs from your mind and infuse new, fresh ideas into your consciousness. Your angels are able to get closer to you because your whole vibration is rising and purifying. When angels visit, they give you perfect ideas aligned just to you, as they carry codes from Source and your higher soul which enter through your expanded crown chakra.

  • Free Reflexology - the soles of your feet mirror every organ of your body. Walking on the sand and the uneven granules acts like acupressure and a massage for your organs and your feet. Your Earth star chakra grows bigger and you become more grounded.

  • Emotional Release - negative thought patterns, trauma and pain start to dissipate. Your guides help with this process, and when you empty out each piece of your traumatic past, the angels fill it with high vibrational energy.

  • Chakra Cleanse - your energy centres in and around your body are infused with high vibrational energy which enables your body to start the deep healing process.

  • Happy Hormones - when we are around sights or people that uplift us, we automatically release hormones like oxytocin (women) and testosterone (men) and the cortisol-producing adrenals are pacified. Smiling, laughing, breathing deeply all further this process and the overall combined effect boosts and lifts your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

  • Circadium Rhythm - our natural body clock is brought back into balance. You can breathe purifying air into your lungs. Your chi energy centre is nurtured and activated. It is also why you may feel sleepy when you return from the ocean. Contrary to our current society, your body prefers to rise as the sun rises, and sleep as the moon makes its appearance.

There is much more than I could say and will in future articles I have no doubt because the beach and the ocean feel like a vital part of my existence! I hope you can get to a beach in the coming week. It will make all the difference to your entire constitution. Lots of love flying over to you xx

Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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