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the wonders of the world's animals and the gifts they bring to us all

Genius Animals 

Did you know that the animals in your life are trying to help you overcome immense obstacles and succeed in everything you are trying to accomplish? 

I'm passionate about getting the world to see animals in a different light ... to connect with them through their true magnificence.   Animals can heal, inspire, and uplift us.  They can be our guides to a better life and a better world. Welcome to our community that celebrates animals, birds and creatures of all kinds.


Now is the time for us to see them as the psychic geniuses that they truly are. We need to honour their own path that lights up our own transformative journeys.

I can honestly say that my animals (not humans) have got me through the last 20 years of my life. Without them, I wouldn't be here talking to you now. I look forward to sharing those personal stories with you, and I hope they help you in your own life.

 I look forward to sharing my pets and their messages with you throughout our time together and decoding some of yours too. 


Things are about to get very interesting! 


Animals are my master guides and greatest teachers. Their help is 100% selfless and unconditional.

Kiki tongue out pic

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"My vision is a world where humans recognise that animals are our friends, our guides, and our partners in creating a better world - a world where animal cruelty is a thing of the past and we all live in harmony and within the cycle of life. Religious beliefs that negatively affect animals would be a thing of the past, and we would look to, and respect, the animal community as our perfect partners to join us in taking the evolution of our planet to the next level." 

This video about Spirit, the black leopard, touched me on such a deeply profound level that it stopped me dead in my tracks and was the impetus for adding a new dimension to my life based on my passion for animals.  It confirmed to me something that I had always known, but frankly been too afraid to admit -- that we can communicate with animals and animals are communicating with us all the time.  We just need to learn how to interpret their language and allow them to be heard.  I believe that animals can be heard in a variety of forms.  Some people actually hear them speaking and are called animal communicators.  For me, it's a feeling, a knowing, an intuition that touches deep within me.  I call this animal intuition.

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