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"Every human being on our planet is going through a personal transformation now. No-one is exempt. Opening up all of our chakras is the most highly effective transformation catalyst to shift and balance our physical, emotional and physiological bodies and shift past live issues. When we are in full balance, everything becomes effortless in our personal and professional lives - it all flows exactly as it should."      Nikki Jordan   


Chakras are circular "wheels" that are already in our energy centres within and around our bodies.  Each chakra contains between 11 to 96 chambers which hold our lessons and, sometimes, trauma that we have experienced. It's the trapped trauma and belief systems that prevent us from moving forward, or attracting the same dysfunctional patterns into our lives. 


We used to have 7 chakras with specific colours that activated them. But now we are able to open up all 12 chakras, which correspond to our 12 strands of DNA.  And new, pure, high vibrational colours are activating the higher elements of our chakras, which brings about the healing and balance that we crave in our lives.

why are they important now?

Since 2012, our planet and all of us on it have been undergoing a massive shift in consciousness and energy. The last three years in particular have been very challenging for many people. The old energy systems e.g. 7 chakras have served us well, but with our planet's energy upgrading, we now need more advanced tools to help our bodies process these new energies and be as healthy and happy as we can be. 


Now, we are coming out of the "demolition phase" and into a brighter, easier period. It is the perfect time for us to open our 5th dimensional chakras. To do this, we need to awaken them, clear them, anchor them, and activate them.

how do our chakras help us?

Our chakras activate healing (present AND past life healing), and enable us to access all the wisdom and skills that we need to live our best life here on this planet. By healing the individual chambers and activating them at a higher level, your intuition and energetic vibration is raised so that you can attract your true soul family/tribe, higher romantic relationships and friendships, your life purpose, abundance, community, and to overcome challenges much easier. 

  • Improved physical health and increased understanding of what you need to heal yourself

  • Healing and detachment to the triggers that cause addiction and co-dependency


  • Greater emotional balance

  • Sharper intuition

  • Increased abundance 


  • Increased spiritual awareness, psychic ability and oneness


  • Enhanced creativity and passion

  • Loving relationships, friendships, workships and a feeling of "belonging"

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