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"GuruKids" is a term I use to describe the
amazing, intuitive, wise children in our world today.
THEY are here to guide us, teach us, AND bring harmony to the planet and our lives


ABOUT Guru Kids

Remarkable, highly evolved children have been incarnating for many years to radically change our world and how we exist in it.


From 2010, even higher vibrational children have incarnated to bring in new energies, technology and teachings.

You may have already heard of terms such as "Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow" children.  When my daughter was very young, she said that there were also 'Flame' and 'Universal' children.


I coined the "GuruKids" phrase in the early 2000s when I was trying to become a Mum. Irrespective of the terms we apply, the GuruKids are here to teach us many many wonderful things. As adults, we have to actively listen to them, keep them safe, and respect them for their own identities and ideas. 

Recognisable traits of GuruKids

They are not exclusive, and only meant for a guideline. As we move into the 5th dimensional world, I will not need to keep these details here - they will be irrelevant because all children will be respected and honoured for their own unique gifts, and no child will be singled out or shamed. 


  • They are highly intuitive and telepathic. 


  • They have an in-built radar for knowing when they are being lied to.  They have no tolerance for it and will let you know quite directly when they are not being told the truth.


  • They have a strong sense of entitlement, self-definition and purpose.


  • They are resistant to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority, and will not accept manipulation/blackmail as a form of discipline.


  • Traditional schooling can be challenging and new, more progressive programs need to be found for their education. 


  • They want harmony in the world, and get visibly distressed when they are around arguing, raised voices or tense situations.


  • They often seem like they in their own world, deep in thought (perfectly content however). 


  • Meal times can be challenging as they could be skipping around the room while eating....sitting GuruKids at the dinner table can be tricky as they just want to move move move!


  • They are often highly musical, sing a lot and are drawn to the vibrations that they get from the music. Each note carries its own energy.

  • They often start talking verbally later in life, some as late as 4 years old. Some only communicate non-verbally.

  • Many are devising the new "light language" which carries higher vibrations.


  • They feel and/or see energy very clearly, and can immediately sense when there is danger, or when someone is being genuine / dis-ingenuous with them. They will find a way to leave the situation immediately.

  • They are intense animal lovers

  • They are ecologically conscious about the world and the environment. They often have innovative ideas about how we can improve protect our planet. 

  • They are natural healers, and are drawn to crystals, energy healing, the nature, and natural therapies. 


  • The newer souls (those born from 2010 onwards) have little or no karma to settle. They are here to teach us about love, peace, harmony and healing.


  • They are sensitive to toxicity of any kind and can often react to allergens in foods, our air, water and soil.

  • They regularly communicate with, and they see/hear other realms e.g. angels, fairies, unicorns, ET beings from other galaxies. They often wake up with knowledge of certain topics. 

  • They are often fascinated by planets and the stars


  • They choose their parents before being incarnated on earth.  This is important to know, because if you are a parent of a GuruKid, there is a reason for this, something that you can teach them (or they teach you).  It is an incredible honour to be chosen to parent a GuruKid. You have a duty to help your child assimilate to life on earth, which is often a struggle for them.

NOTE: the above are just traits; and are simply acting as a guide, and a re-affirmation of what you already knew....your child is special and you have the wonderful task of helping them grow in th world. 


GuruKids are present everywhere in the world, they are not to be singled out and ridiculed or thought of as "different."


Our oath as parents is to really understand and connect with our child and then help him/her grow into a happy, full-filled, secure, passionate and wonderfully creative adult. 


See your child as his/her own being. honour their own thoughts and feelings and guide them through life. they picked you for a reason, remember!

the hardest part of being a parent is letting your child be their own being, not an extension of you as the parent.  How you were raised isn't always the right option for your child.

Understanding your own child as an individual and showering them with unconditional love is a vital for your child. 



GuruKids are highly sensitive to additives in vaccines, food, water, processed food, toxins, pollution, and an unstable family environment that is overly rigid and rules-based where they cannot express themselves freely, or where they feel unsafe.  

All of this can manifest issues in the throat, or cause eczema, psoriasis, heat rashes, dermatitis, or skin irritations. They can cause issues in the digestive system, intestines, sinuses, ears, eyes, nervous system and reproductive system.  They can also cause emotional imbalances, coping issues, and sleep problems. 


It's not easy to fix or prevent these conditions, given our current world, but there are many things you can do as a parent to help your child.  Watch out for courses and webinars on this topic as Nikki will go through actionable ways to help your child. 


What kind of education system works for these wonderful GuruKids?

  • enquiry based, passion focused learning,

  • bringing out limitless potential - seeking the unique genius of every child,

  • allowing them be to heard, to be their own voices for the new concepts they bring us

  • nurturing their unique gifts 

  • more learning outside 

  • being highly creative, making things, story telling, engaging and empowering their imaginations,

  • cosmic learning - teaching us about the planet, and galaxies

  • dreams, laughter, celebrating the innocence and simplicity

You're doing great - it's not easy!

For parents & teachers of Guru Kids and for Guru Kids themselves


GuruKids are often (but not always) diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, OCD and more labels that seem to come emerge often in our world.

It's important to reach out and discuss any issues you are facing with regards to parenting a GuruKid. I understand first-hand how challenging it can be until you truly are able to get onto your child's level and into their world. That's when you switch from being a parent, to a true guide, and your own intuition will kick in from that point onwards. You will undoubtedly be guided intuitively, and all you have to do then is read the signs and be the master guide for your child. 

Look out for my group chats and lives on this topic as you will be with like-minded people who are going through what you are going through, and others who have got through the challenges and are here to share their stories. 


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