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Welcome to“Snailsville”a magical place with magical creatures, healing teas and crystals! A place where every creatures helps anyone in need, and they come together for the good of the planet.


Sydney, Emma and their friends are excited to tell you their wonderful stories. 

The whimsical fold-out map in the front of the book will guide you around Snailsville, so you won’t get lost! It shows where everyone lives and gathers. You will discover the brand new Pegasnails and Snutterflies. 

You'll also meet clever snails, cockroaches, ants, storks, bees and spiders. It's the magical world of "Snailsville."

Nikki Jordan’s Transformation Cards are uplifting and hopeful! Many describe them as a "coaching session in a box." Each card has actionable guidance to help lift the user out of the situation they are in, and illuminate the next step they need to take. 


With this easy-to-use deck of 42 powerful, uplifting and colour-coded messages, Nikki gives you a practical tool to guide and support you through any challenge that you may encounter. The cards’ messages are surrounded by the highest vibrations and will gently help you navigate through your challenge gracefully, to a more joyful, happier life. This includes knowing when to look deeper into a situation, a nudge to take note of any red flags, when to take action and move forward, and when to take a step back and heal. 

"I really love my Transformation Cards by Nikki Jordan. They were given to me as a gift when things were not going very well in my life. I was truly grateful for receiving such a precious gift. Each morning I take one card out and read the message slowly, taking in not only the words but the vibration of the cards. The words are thought provoking and encouraging and give me a deep meaning to my day ahead. I leave the card by my laptop for the rest of the day glancing at it from time to time and feeling the love of both the gift and the powerful message. I will definitely order more and send out to my friends and family as they have helped me in so many ways.”



"I compiled these cards for a very specific reason. Having struggled in my own life at various points with feeling stuck, alone, unsure, I wanted to put something out into the world that could not only give people actionable help, with instructions on how to get through their low periods, but also that could give someone daily help. 


I describe these cards as a dialogue between you, your Universe, angels and guides. I'm delighted that they have achieved this objective for many people, and I enjoy energising each box to bring the most perfect messages for its owner, every time."

"Nikki's Transformation Cards were amazingly accurate and supportive during a challenging time. They bring you back to your core as well as provide perspective on things."
Denise Furet, U.K.

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