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Have you ever wondered what the snails at the bottom of your garden do all day? Or whether ants and cockroaches are only here to invade your kitchen? Well, remove the stereotypes you have of these little creatures, for they all have very important work to do for Earth you know! For the first time ever, Sydney, Emma and their unlikely friends are opening up their lives to show you what a wonderful, peaceful, and inspiring world we could live in, if we choose to. They have the perfect recipe, all ready for you to discover in the magical world of Snailsville. A magical children's book that will delight audiences young and old. The beautiful illustrations bring all the characters to life so that even the youngest of audiences will love this book.


Nikki weaves in true facts about energy, magical creatures and how to help yourself when challenges appear, but she does so without you even realising it! This book highlights the creatures that we may take for granted in our daily lives. It gently teaches children that you don't have to the loudest to be heard, and our best friends can look completely different to us - and that's okay. 

Sydney & Emma and the Untold Tales of Snailsville

SKU: 978-988-79464-0-3
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