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November is Bumpy For A Reason

It’s November and far from winding down, the energies and planets are still ramping up throughout November and December and through the first half of next year. In fact the New Moon and Full Moon in November starts a series of five moon cycles that are all aimed at breaking up the old. We are seeing this playing out in the world around us now. But fear not, there is an end goal - complete freedom.

Saturn is front and centre throughout this time and this is the "teacher" planet. It helps us to see the truth, the errors we have committed, to take time to re-evaluate and to become more organised and structured to make necessary changes. Whilst it can feel bumpy and challenging, there are ways in which we can help ourselves as things get re-orientated.

Here are some reminders (which I know you know, but now more than ever you have to embody this and truly take these things into your consciousness!).

* You are not your thoughts or challenges. There is a higher plan for you.

* Whatever happens, try not to react or get triggered so that you can make sound decisions from a place of peace and being grounded.

* Face your challenges. Be brave.

* Let go of the people and things who are not in your future.

* Try not to get dragged into the drama unfolding in the world. If you feel guided to speak up and help then do that, but do it from a place of love only.

* Beware of choosing sides. Everyone is worthy of love. Allow others to have their view and love them anyway.

* Health issues may present themselves, particularly stomach, lungs, chest, liver, joints, neck, back, sinus and brain. Some of these symptoms will be "ascension symptoms" and others may be a red flag to prompt you to investigate further and prioritise your health.

* Put real food and fresh water into your body to support it.

* Taking at least 30 mins every day for yourself with no technology will make a big difference. If you can do it in nature, the benefits will be amplified. Turn your wifi off every night to limit Electro Magnetic Frequencies negatively affecting your energy while you sleep.

* Spread kindness through your words and actions.

Above all, please remember this is not how your story ends. It may feel upside down for a while but it will get better. So much light is pouring in and the world is healing, though it may not feel or look like that. Stay strong, keep moving forward and stay hopeful.

Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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