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September 2023 Full Moon Experience

It's Sunday 1st October, and we have just come out of the Equinox in Libra about 7 days ago and the Full Supermoon in Aries on 29th September. It's been a wild ride!

Anyone who works with me knows that I take the words of my dear Guru - Swami Sri Kaleshwar to heart when he told me years ago that the three days of the full moon are all powerful in their own right.

That means that for the Aries full moon that just ended yesterday, the 28th, 29th, and 30th September were high energy days. Which is why it's important to watch what we say and declare to the Universe on each of those three days because the Universe and your guides will boost and support whatever you say about yourself. So if you say "I am ill" or "I am hopeless" or any other term you may use about yourself, then the Universe will bring to you whatever you delare in your thoughts. So on the upcoming Full and New Moons, just remember that the three days around them are very powerful.

These full moons are significant now at this time because they really are amplifying our energies and boosting our ascension path. It feels very intense because the "old" is leaving your life, and the "new" is flooding in.

This can manifest in various health issues - digestive, nervous system, mental health, ears, eyes, headaches/migraines, sinus, body aches, joint pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain . . . the list goes on. All of these are symptoms only though, and they represent the thought forms that you once had, and these all need to go now. Hence the reason why it's all coming up now.

The New and Full Moons of October and November will be equally as transformative. I like to describe them as transformative because they really are taking us from what we once were, to what we are meant to be and who we are morphing into. Even if you are not aware of this, it is happening at a cellular level in your own body. Amazing right?!

What can you expect from the Moon energies going forward?

  • Ideas to effect change in your life will suddenly pop into your mind

  • The desire to meditate

  • The desire to avoid groups and crowds

  • A switch to different foods / aversions to foods and drinks that you usually take

  • Unpleasant reactions to alcohol, GMO and processed foods

  • A feeling of being disconnected to what's going on in the world, those around you, and your life as you know it

  • The desire to change where you live / move

  • The desire to declutter your home

  • Past traumatic memories entering your consciousness (don't worry, the attachment to them is being healed)

  • You may feel more anxious or low than usual (don't feed into this though, it is just your emotions coming out....let them do that and don't get stuck in them)

  • Vivid dreams

  • Friendships / relationships ending

  • New friendships / relationships coming into your life

  • Amazing new opportunities coming in as "answers to your prayers"

This time on our planet is a huge opportunity for growth and authenticity of self and what we can each contribute to the wider community. This feeds into the new 5D communities that will sprout up around the world. Try not to worry about what is happening around you, and focus on what is happening inwardly in your own body. It's time to listen to, and honour your own body. When it tells you to rest or sleep, you need to do that!

And remember, there is support out there in abundance! As well as enormous help online and in your community, this is where I can help you:

1. You can join my Live Vibrantly group on Facebook here

2. You can book a 1x1 online session with me here

3. You can attend my live events that come up at various times. Check out for more details.

Sending you lots of love for whatever is right for you to effortlessly drop into your life over the coming Moons!

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