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Kiki - My Teacher

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here. Kiki hasn’t been on the porch with me for ages. She is the Queen of our household; my daughter’s protector and my entire pet household’s teacher for the past 16 yrs. I think she is grooming my dog to take over when she ascends. And when I ask how it’s going, she says “we have a way to go!” Never one for compliments, Kiki always keeps it real.

Now 16 yrs old, she is slower than she used to be. She has no teeth and a tumour in her forehead which no vet can help with. When I learned of her tumour nearly 2 yrs ago, I was devastated - she’s part of my soul family. But I couldn’t be selfish so through tears I said that she can go if she wants to, and thanked her for her service. I have done this before and sometimes they are ready to pass and sometimes they are not. But they get a free choice - that’s the point. So I released her and it was so hard to do that because my heart was breaking….it was such a “moment.”

But this girl…..she stared right at me - defiantly - jumped up onto my lap and slapped me across the face and said “get a grip! I’m here and there’s lots to do. I’ll go when I’m ready!” Moment over then It makes me smile now to share this with you. Cats really are a law unto themselves.

Kiki has no problem getting her point across to any animal that crosses her path. It doesn’t matter how big, how angry or what species - she commands any space she is in. She’s taught me a lot about navigating loud, boisterous people over 16 yrs.

Energy is a tangible thing and Kiki is a supreme master at what she does. I couldn’t even begin to understand the enormity of everything she does but I feel utterly blessed that she chose our family. She is such an amazing teacher for me and there truly is no better friend than this girl.

I am loving this time with Kiki and celebrating her.

Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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