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"To be an Empath is a gift. It's an all-knowing, deep-feeling state of consciousness that brings about huge shifts in our current world. It's important to nurture and support the Empaths because they are the ones that are doing incredible energetic work, both consciously and unconsciously and are the backbone of our future world." Nikki Jordan   



Empaths are not developed, they are born. To possess empathy (not to be confused with sympathy) for others regardless of whether they are human or otherwise, is not for the faint hearted. Empaths feel everything. They feel the truth of every situation and all the emotions that are happening externally in the world. Although they agreed at a soul level to process these energies through their own bodies, it has been extremely difficult for Empaths to stand in their power. 

why are empaths important now?

True Empaths are often described as givers, light-workers, healers, and earth angels.  They have a natural affinity (which propels action not just sympathetic words) for the animals, birds, nature, and injustices in the world. They agreed at a soul level to filter the emotions of others, and raise the vibration of those around them. This can be painful for Empaths and they can manifest all kinds of physical and emotional issues as a result of this clearing, which they often do unconsciously. 

Since 2012, our planet and all of us on it have been undergoing a massive shift in consciousness and energy. The last ten years in particular have been very challenging for Empaths and they very often find themselves drawn into toxic relationships and institutions because their energy and light is needed by those who are unable to see a higher way forward. 


Now, we are coming out of the "demolition phase" and into a brighter, easier period. And Empaths are finding their voice at last, and will be responsible for shaping our higher vibrational world. 

stand in your power as an empath


It is easy in today's world to be swallowed up by others who are not able to live in their feelings, and curate a path forward using their heart as a compass. The antidote to every evil and injustice is simple - it is LOVE. The Empaths understand this, but it is hard for them to keep moving forward and stand in their true power. Support is now flooding for Empaths, and they are able to clear a lot of old emotions and toxicity because the planetary vibration is rising. Clearing chakras is very important for Empaths. 

  • Know your worth, and that you are special. Your energy is special. And you are needed in this world

  • Look at the people around you and spend time with those who do not drain your energy after seeing them


  • Several times a day, find your North Star; a place where you can recalibrate your energy and replenish

  • Trust your intuition; no matter what anyone else says. It is heart-led. 

  • Live in an environment where you feel strong and grounded


  • Work on clearing chakras daily to keep your vibration high and aura protected


  • Find your "tribe" and you will very quickly see how much better you feel. 

  • Meditate regularly, and spend time in nature's elements to boost your energy

  • Say goodbye to anyone and anything that does not bring you joy. Thank them for the lessons, and LET GO!

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