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A Life Review - What You Need To Know

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

How is your life going? Do you know? Do you feel anything? Are you happy? Are you disillusioned or unsettled but don't know why? Do you have the same challenges you had six months ago / a year ago? Do you have the same people in your life that were present a year ago?

Perhaps you are one of those people who checks in with yourself on how your life is going as a proactive practice. Or perhaps you are someone who plods along and when a problem comes up, then you deal with that challenge at that time. Perhaps you prefer to fly under the radar hoping to get noticed but not understanding why you can't make that bold move or take a big risk. The fact is, we are all of these over the course of our lives. We are all insecure, depressed, bold, successful, happy, unsettled, settled and many other emotions, all in a single day. It is the human existence after all.

Why am I asking you these questions? To highlight your train of thought, and whether you judge yourself based on your own life and how comfortable you are within that, or whether when someone asks a question, you automatically go to that place where you should be doing something different i.e. "I don't do this; should I?"

Confidence in one's own abilities is a tough skill to master. You are not like anyone else on the planet! This is a known fact. Even identical twins have separate identities/likes/dislikes/life purposes. You are unique, and you will therefore do things differently and at a different pace to others around you. Don't compare yourself to others, it is YOUR journey.

I was in Hong Kong a few years back, amid the ongoing demonstrations. I consider Hong Kong to be home and it is where I learned the most about myself over 17 years living there, and where I experienced the best and worst times of my life. I was there through the handover to Chinese rule, the SARS epidemic and through the years of transition that Hong Kong has been going through to maintain its identity. It felt noticeably different on that visit though. I didn't feel unsafe at all, but I did pick up on the confusion and heaviness that people were feeling there. It was quite acute, like a dark grey cloud waiting to be broken up to allow light through. Big changes are coming and for the residents of Hong Kong, they are actually going through a huge life review, even if they don't realise it. They are each there at this point in history for a reason.

We are half way through the year. As I reflect over 2023 alone, it has been a whirlwind for many of us. Lots of big, FAST changes - moving countries, expanding families, selling properties, relationship changes, health issues and of course getting back on track after a very strange last three years.

These are profound things, because each one of those categories are life altering and tough to navigate and emerge from unscathed. We know that any challenge simply means that something in your life is coming to the surface to be dealt with, moved forward or broken up and discarded. It is very tough indeed when you are in this transition phase but this is why a life review is necessary, and incredibly helpful.

By reflecting on your life and what is happening in and around it, you will be able to see that not all of it is bad. There IS progress. As a hopeful twist, what I have noticed as a pattern in my own life, and among the groups I host is that the big challenges that would normally threaten one's sanity, have been met shortly after with good news and/or positive changes. This is a key difference, and one that wasn't routinely happening prior to 2023. It tells me that these sometimes catastrophic and seemingly devastating changes are actually a necessary part of your life purpose because a solution is not years away, it appears within weeks or sometimes days.

It really is true that just when you think things are falling apart, they are actually getting re-arranged in your life.

As a race, we are being guided to consolidate assets, declutter, donate to those who could benefit from things we don't use anymore. We need to simplify and pay it forward. It's a really nice thing to do because you shift old stale energy by cutting connections to "things" and you bring joy and much needed help to those who need it. The cycle of life continues in a different form.

Remember - anything or anyone who leaves your life has played its part in your life story. Do not chase after these things, let them go.

Sri Kaleshwar, a planet-changing guru always said "give your time to feed the homeless and the hungry". My interpretation of that at a deep level is that when you feed those who are less fortunate than you, you are actually feeding the parts of your own soul that are neglected or unloved. And there is something karmically amazing that goes with giving your time and actually going out of your way to help another. Think about that . . .

I hope you can see that cycles are starting to change. Whilst a human existence is not challenge-free, there is help in the form of ideas, advice, or people that will pop into your mind or your life to give you that extra push to get you over the finish line.

I wish you the wisdom to go the distance and to know that each challenge does not define your demise.

Each challenge is breaking you free from your old ways.

Each challenge is enhancing your character and adding a new skill in the "Story of Your Life".

Each challenge is bringing a new opportunity to you.

This life we are all living is really only about our individual soul journey when all is said and done. And with that comes hope too.

Remember - there is a higher purpose at play - always! And how intriguing is that?!


Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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