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My Profound Experience with A Master Healer Dog

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This is Max. Here he is pictured with my dearly departed dog Nala to the left. Max has a yellow link chain collar because he is a beach dog in Malaysia. A dangerous place to be if you are are a dog, and this collar saves him from being killed.

I met Max over 4 years ago. He lived at the beach with two other dogs, I named Black Jack and Duchess. I will talk about them at a later time, but just to give you context, Duchess is Max's soul partner (he protects her valiantly) and Black Jack is Duchess' son.

These three dogs, along with my two dogs, Leo and Nala, were my best friends and saviours on many a beach morning as I contemplated the next steps that the Universe wanted me to take. It was a tough time for me personally - lots of questions, lots of pulls in different directions, heartbreak, confusion and not many answers. They were the best listeners on the planet, and they didn't once complain. They gave me unconditional love and support - just because that's how amazing these dogs were.

This picture below is my dog Leo (ginger) with Duchess (the black dog laying down) and Max laying down.

Max was an interesting one for me. He was much more guarded than the other two and for weeks I couldn't get anywhere near him. He knew I wasn't a threat, but he also had been very poorly treated by humans, so naturally he was wary. He looks really good in the photo, but he would frequently turn up with pieces of fur missing, or cuts or ticks feeding on him. By the Malaysia stray dog standards though, he was living the life of a king. He was fed well by some kind humans, and his beach was his home - he could run free and do things on his terms. This is a very good life by most standards.

After several weeks of seeing him each morning, Max gradually started to venture a bit closer. Not close enough for a cuddle, but I would sit, usually with Black Jack one side and Leo the other, and Max would lay close enough to jump into action should anything happen that he didn't like, but not too close that I might reach out and show him the affection that he dearly craved, but wasn't quite ready to accept. It made my heart soar each time he came a little closer to me, as that meant that he was letting his guard down and was starting to trust. Not once did I try to pet him, I respected his boundaries and knew he would need to come to me when he was ready, but I did talk to him along with the others so that he felt included. I really wanted to get those ticks off him and give him something for his skin, and as much love as he would accept, so that was my aim. Often I would glance over at him and he sat there perfectly content and in control. I think he felt he was king of the beach at that point. In true street dog style though, he was, but to a point. My Leo and Nala would have protected me to the bitter end, so if Max tried anything, they would have been there in a heartbeat. And Duchess, the beautiful silky jet black other half of Max, let him think that he was the boss! Ha ha, I know some human couples like this!

The reason I am writing this article today, is that 4 years ago to this very day, I had a life changing experience with Max. Having made valuable progress over the weeks, he was at the point where he would either lay right next to me or stand alongside my back, as I sat on the sand. I felt he was either guarding me, or saying that I was his property because he once growled at Leo as my beloved doggie approached. But Leo was having none of that and told Max this in no uncertain terms!

I remember feeling particularly low on this day because I had a difficult decision to make; the consequences of which were not pleasant. So I was troubled and rather quiet. As I sat there trying to take in the energy of the sea, Max approached and the others retreated. That was interesting to me as Leo was my constant guardian and wouldn't let anyone or anything approach me without him being there. I wasn't sure what was about to happen, but I knew something was. Leo retreated further back, but could still see me clearly and I told him that I was ok.

Max walked slowly towards me, and his eyes were kind and strong. As I do what I am guided through my heart and intuition, I lowered my eyes so that I wouldn't seem threatening in any way as Max approached. I didn't feel scared, but I wanted to be sensible. I felt a warm energy surround me to reassure me that all was ok, a sure sign that my angels were there. With my eyes still lowered, Max gently placed his forehead onto mine. He held it there, while I felt a surge of energy tingle all over my body. The warmth from his forehead was remarkable, and I can only describe the feeling as peaceful, euphoric, happy, and loving all rolled into one. It was a soft, light energy, not heavy in any way. It felt like it lasted for a long time, but in reality I think it was a minute or so. When he pulled away, I opened my eyes and this time I did look at him. His eyes looked like a friend's eyes and I knew we had crossed the barrier. I was so humbled and all I could say to him in my mind was "er, what just happened, why did you do that?" He replied "you needed it". We had a moment where we knew that we had connected as firm friends, and from that moment on things were different with me and Max. I had been accepted into his fold and honestly I felt humbled, proud and incredibly honoured.

I sat there for a while longer, not wanting to leave quite honestly, and unable to put into words what had just happened. I wanted to remember every moment. I think because it was Max who did that healing, rather than one of the others, it made it all the more special because he was the one who was the most wary of me/humans in the beginning.

I remember thanking every etheric being who I thought might have been there, including all my departed ancestors!! Yes, that's what I tend to do, and if you have ever had a profound moment with someone, I bet you have wanted to thank everybody around you. And have you ever had such an amazing experience but you have no-one to tell about it? Can you imagine if I went off telling people on the beach or at school, "oh guess what, a beach dog just gave me a 3rd eye transmission healing!" Yes, I can just imagine how that would have been received!

But the funny thing is, as I was sitting there forever changed, humbled and reflecting, my 5 dog companions, including Max were already off playing and exploring. Isn't it amazing how animals can just detach from things after they have happened and I have seen this many times with my interactions with them. A bit like "Dory" the fish - you blink and the moment has passed and it's onto the next thing. I think that's a healthy way to be. Whereas we humans hang on to things far longer than we should - particularly the bad things and it keeps us stuck in the lower energy when really the lesson is done and we need to move on.

An excerpt from my diary that day was:

"Wow major progress with Max! Did a 3rd eye healing thing on me and I have never felt anything like it. AMAZING! I'm going to learn as much as I can about animals and their healing. We are inferior compared to the animal kingdom and I want to be in it, immersed in it, and if I learn a fraction of what they are able to do in my lifetime, it will be a good life".

Months later, I had the chance to give back to Max. At my morning walk, Black Jack and Duchess came running over but no Max. Oh no, I always had to prepare myself that he was a beach dog, a stray, and sometimes humans are very cruel. I held my breath but just a few moments later, I could see him in the distance hobbling down the beach. I immediately ran to him as I could see he was injured. His front left leg was badly hurt, it looked like a break to me, or at the very least a bad sprain. He still didn't like much touching or petting, so I asked Archangel Raphael to be with me and help Max. The angels are far better healers than we are, and although I am a Reiki Master, I knew that I needed extra help for this injury, and to calm Max. By working with the angels, it also ensures that the right outcome is achieved - for the good of the patient, which is really important. Reiki is a nice energy healing medium because I can give it to the patient with putting my hands on them or just above them (if they feel uncomfortable) or as a distance healing. It pulls the energy from above the patient, through my hands and it is goes to wherever it is needed within the body. I therefore don't use my energy, or get depleted in any way.

Before I put my hands on Max's leg, I explained clearly to him what I was going to do. I waited for his response, and then asked his permission to touch his leg. I could tell he was a bit nervous, but with his angels calming him, he gave it, and I very gently proceeded. He did take a lot of Reiki and I did a special visualisation for him. When he had had enough, he let me know and then tried to get up. It was marginally better but I was happy as I knew that it had helped him. I continued for the next 5 days giving Reiki and intuitive healing each time. He wouldn't take any more Reiki after that, but I continued to hold him in the highest healing vibrations long after. I was relieved that after a few weeks, he was walking with only a slight limp.

I was very happy to be able to give back to Max - he had helped me when I really needed it, and I was honoured to have the opportunity to do the same for him.

My dear friend, Max - what a very special teacher for me, and I will never forget him.


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