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Law of Attraction - Why It Is Important

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The Law of Attraction in its simplest form means "like attracts like"or you attract whatever it is you are thinking about / putting energy into.

But did you know that you don't have to be in someone's presence to connect?

Energy is transmitted through our thoughts and intentions. So if others can receive your energy, without even being in the same room, the reverse is also true and you can absorb anything that is vibrating on the same frequency as yours. Have you ever been thinking of someone, and suddenly they call or message you? That is energy at play! Our thoughts about the person reaches them wherever they are.

So we need to be very very careful now not to surround ourselves with fear and negativity. It is really important that you consciously choose what and who you give your energy to.

I was part of a group yesterday where it was explained that this is the last wave of evolution for people. To transcend their fears. And it is also the hardest, most painful part....I am a visual person so I liken it to when I am washing up roasting pans and the surface stuff comes off pretty well, but the gristle and burned bits at the bottom of the pan are resistent, and needs some hefty work to get in there and get rid of them. The gristle is like the deepest, saddest, most traumatic parts of our lives. And bringing them out into the open is extremely painful in some cases because with them, comes their buddies "shame", "guilt", and "fear". Ugh 😔

This is the same with the planetary fear. Humans are scared - naturally. But the sensitive people on our planet, the ones who are going to be instrumental in catapulting humanity forward, are getting triggered by the overload of fear mongering that is swirling around every hour via media and Governments.

Every country is different in terms of their approach and advice. This can cause distress when we are speaking to family and friends in other countries.

BUT, please know this:

The coronavirus and how it was handled by our individual countries was known to the spiritual realms. And whether you believe it or not, every single soul on this planet chose where they were going to be when this hit the earth. You chose this before you were born.

Please do pause and think about every conversation, message, email and news article you are allowing into your minds each day.

If all you are doing is watching the news, you are consistently at a very low vibration. And to give you an easy comparison . . . the coronavirus vibrates at 60 megahertz. Love vibrates at 432 megahertz and above. If you choose to ensure everything going into your body and mind is the purest it can be, then if you get any virus or sickness, there is a better chance of you overcoming it quickly.

Why does this matter? Because if you are on a low vibration, you will attract all other things on that same low vibration. The happier, nicer things will just move on by because they can't survive in such negativity.

The real stinger here though is that you may be a positive, happy person by nature. It doesn't matter - if you follow the drama that is unfolding, you will UNCONSCIOUSLY be in a very low vibration. You have to CHOOSE what you and your children, in particular, are exposed to.

As we are heading into another week, we have no idea at this point what it will bring but let's not worry about what might be, let's just focus on today. Ignore stats and predictions of doom. Ignore country leaders trying to gain control over something they can't see, smell or taste. It's a game of who is right with tons of ego thrown in for good measure. Don't go down the rabbit hole with them. Nobody really knows the truth at this point.

Instead, go into your core, eat as healthily as you can, keep talking to people who can lift you, and watch/read happy things.

Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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