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How To Cope With Losing Your Beloved Pet

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Here is a pic of my lovely Nala, who at 14 year old, crossed the rainbow bridge 5 days ago and inspired me to write this article.

Losing a pet is one of the most traumatic events of a pet owner's life. It is akin to losing a child, and to be faced with turning off the life support for someone you love very much, can invoke extreme guilt and sorrow. It is horrific, and nothing really prepares you for it.

I offer this article as a different way to look at the passing over of your beloved pet, and therefore give you a chance to heal and move forward. It doesn't mean that you ever forget or replace your pet, he/she was one of a kind, it just allows you to release the guilt/burden/grief that you might be feeling by understanding that you really had no control over the passing of your pet.

Animals really are amazing, they come into our lives with such a purpose. Did you know that our pets choose us, rather than the other way around? At the exact moment that your pet enters your life, it is a sign of divine timing, and you cannot alter the course of that happening. There are no accidents when it comes to acquiring, adopting or owning a pet. I've heard countless times "oh I am going to sit in the middle of the puppies and see which one chooses me". Or "I will see all the dogs at the shelter and see which one comes to me". It is no accident that they choose you!

The reason being....

Your pet, whether it be a dog, a cat, a horse, a rabbit, a bird, a hamster, a fish - whatever it may be, is part of your soul's journey. The pet comes at exactly the right time to either offer you support, healing, and/or guidance. Not to get too spiritual on you, but Earth has been transitioning from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th dimensional planet. We are currently, at the time of writing this article in Nov 2017, in the 4th dimension. Animals are master healers and guides, and they exist in the higher vibrations/realms and are able to take our pain, sadness, and illness and transmute it in the most remarkable way.

All animals who are born on earth have a purpose. There is a definite beginning and end. It is agreed prior to being born when they will die. This is not something you can alter, it is not your agreement - it is between the animal and source. Really, it is nothing to do with the pet owner other than they need the animal in their lives for a period of time or for a particular reason.

If you open your heart and home to a pet, you are really going through the most transcendent journey on this planet. It is a very special role to take on, and one that is looked upon in the most wonderful way by Source and whatever higher power you believe in. You earn good karma by showing love and affection towards others, particularly animals, and don't discount the reason for your pet gracing your life with its presence as a way to settle past karmic scores. Perhaps in a past life you treated others poorly, or perhaps you are incapable of showing your true feelings or any affection to humans, but you can to is a necessary stepping stone towards living your true life's purpose and overcoming the challenges that are set out for you to overcome.

Dogs are our faithful guardians who choose to walk at their owner's side and offer nothing but unconditional love. They try to interpret our words, but there is no mistaking our energy. Dogs see our energy, and the colours that our aura (the outer layer of our bodies) displays.

In this picture of my dog Leo and my daughter, they have such a connection. He used to call her "Little Miss" and protected her from the minute she was born to the minute he passed. In fact, he passed as a result of protecting us in our previous home. He was a remarkable guardian for sure.

If you have been a dog owner, you would undoubtedly have said "my dog knows when I am sad". My dogs always knew when I was sad, and three of them in particular, Simba, Leo and Nala would instinctively come and put their heads on my knee and nuzzle against me. Simba was a big dog and he would literally jump on my lap (thinking he was a pug!) and shower me with kisses. They were offering their strength and healing at the very deepest level. By petting a dog at that exact moment, it acts as a kind of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) where you are then focused on something wonderful and lovely which in turn takes you out of your sadness and lifts you.....if only for a few moments.

Cats are similar to dogs in that they instinctively know when we are upset or hurting, and they will come and lay on you if that's what the situation calls for, but they go one step further because they are particularly adept at banishing entities from around you and within your home. Have you ever wondered why cats sleep so much? They are nocturnal for a reason as this is when the spirit world is the most active. Cats protect their owners and their homes from psychic attacks, and visits from unwanted entities. Don't be alarmed, there are millions of entities walking this earth, stuck, and unable to transition from this world to the next. Not all are nasty, but some are, and cats help that spirit to transition. They work on this at night, and then sleep all day to recharge their batteries.

One of my cats is particularly brilliant at this and whenever a pet passes on, she takes it upon herself to calm and heal the rest of my family who are still here. When we are low or sick, we are subceptible to psychic attack, so she steps up and takes on that role of protector. The rest of the time we hardly hear from her! She has been doing this for 10 years, and even this past week when we lost our beloved 14 year old dog, she has been working particularly with my one year old dog who is feeling lost without her buddy, as well as my daughter, to heal from their sadness.

What if you are faced with the dilemma of euthanisation?

This is the toughest part of owning a pet. Dealing with the death of a pet is traumatic enough, but actually being the one to determine whether your pet lives or dies is not only traumatic, but can leave an owner with extreme guilt and regret. "Did I do the right thing?" plagues you for a long time afterwards.

I've talked to many animals who have passed over, including my own, and every single one of them who came from a loving family have said that it was the right decision, and it was their time. Our pets are part of our families and invariably they are ready to go but they hold on for us.....we are at the vet saying "save him", "please don't let her die" through our tears, and your pet is torn as to what he/she should do.

Don't forget that your pet has a strong purpose here to protect you, so if you are distressed, your pet will want to ease that hurt and not cause you anymore heartache. You have to do the kindest thing here. As hard as it is, you have to do what is right for your pet, not you. And that could be to help him fight or have the operation to save her life - it doesn't always mean you have to put them down. But, and this is important, if your pet is hurt to the point of no return, or he/she has a terminal illness and will suffer, then you need to do the kinder thing. By doing this, you honor your pet in the most beautiful way, and you show the most selfless version of love. No guilt should accompany that.

I recently had my 14 year old dog Nala leave this world. I went through a traumatic time with her passing, because although she had end stage kidney failure (backed up by blood tests), the two vets that I went to both refused to put her down. One said "I wouldn't euthanise a human, therefore why would I euthanise an animal", and the other gave enough of a grey area glimmer of hope to my crying 12 year old that I couldn't put Nala to sleep without being called a cold-blooded murderer.

At this point Nala wasn't eating, and couldn't move very easily. Neither of these vets were acting in the best interests of my dog, and as a result, she suffered in the last days on this earth. I was appalled that even though I insisted on ending her suffering, the vets did not agree. Not good, and something I was struggling to work through. Thankfully, in communicating with Nala, she has said that she didn't want to leave us and we did the best that we could at the time, and she really valued how much we loved her. I rescued Nala when she was 2 weeks old, and she was my baby for sure. A very needy dog with lots of baggage, but an intuitive healer for me, who was my shadow. That made sense to me that she was scared to transition without me. But now she is happy, and pain-free and I'm thankful I have heard from her.

What happens if your cat wanders off and leaves you, and doesn't come back?

I mention this about cats because it happens to a lot of cat households, and more than any other animal, a cat will wander off for a multitude of reasons.

When they don't come back for a day, we are left thinking "did they get lost, were they unhappy here, did I do something to upset them" etc.

If your cat does this, please know that they are fully in control of what they are doing. Cats are highly independent beings, and they don't need humans to exist here on earth. They can exist happily without us, they can hunt for food and really their only predators are humans themselves.

Cats choose to live their lives in the most genuine way. Sometimes they might be unhappy and therefore choose to leave, but you would have signs that they are unhappy before that happens. And as long as you are feeding them, and providing love and a safe place, there is no way that they will leave. I once had a cat who took a most nasty entity and wandered off never to return again. When I tuned in, he apologised for upsetting us by leaving but he couldn't leave the entity within our home and took it away.

The cat I mention above who protects from entities, her name is Kiki, wandered off for 2 days (she is pictured with me, above). I really felt that she had gotten lost, that her curiosity had got the better of her and that she truly was lost. It was several years ago, so with the help of an energy healer friend, we mentally showed her the pathway back. We showed her the trail she should follow, any landmarks on the way, colours etc. My daughter and I did that several times during those two days and amazingly in the middle of night two, I reached over and felt something very sandy snuggling close to me. It was Kiki, and to this day she is my only cat who does not wander beyond the safety of our house and garden.

I have talked about dogs and cats in this article, but it is never easy when you lose a fur-baby of any kind. No matter when or how your pet leaves your world, please know that the reason for them gracing your life is a purposeful one, and was always going to have a definite beginning and end. Although it is extremely hard, try not to second-guess your actions if you had to make a difficult decision, and know that you helped their soul journey by showing them love and care during their time on earth. Know that when they ascend, it is because their job here is done and you are going into a better phase of your life where you may not need them as much.

And it is particularly lovely to think of their image in your mind, and say "I miss you, but thank you so much for all that you did to help me and our family." Then send pink light from your heart to theirs. They will surely smile at you from up above.

Getting over the death of a pet can be very difficult. If you are in this space, reach out to me for a 1x1 session where I can communicate with your pet on the other side and help you accept and understand why everything happened the way it did. You can either connect with me on or go to the "Book A Session" section of my website to reserve your slot. These sessions are freeing and full of love and the highest vibrations.


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