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9 Traits of Clever Calico Cats

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Calico cats get their name from their markings. They are sometimes called "tortoiseshell" or "tri-colour" too. They aren't a breed, as such, as we live in a rather snobby society when it comes to the need to categorise breeds of animals. These clever felines are so distinctive that in my world they are their own breed! My calico is noticeably different compared to her other feline brother and sisters in my household.

Calicos have variations of colours, but they are mostly white, with patches of tan, black and brown/beige in varying degrees and depth of colour. This pic of Calypso to the left, shows her markings as quite orange and her white socks are adorable.

Compare this to the stray Mama Calico I am trying to help at the moment (pictured right). She is pictured here with one of her kittens. Her markings are quite different, particularly the shape of the colour patches. Yes she needs a good bath, bless her, but you can see her kitten has more pronounced markings and a different design.

All of them are equally special and unique!

The markings on an animal are not there by accident. They carry the vibrations of those colours too. There are many pure white animals incarnating across the world now, this is to raise the consciousness and energy of our planet. We badly need it and the animal kingdom has responded to our pleas for help.

I love ALL cats, and here are the distinctive traits that I have experienced in calicos, particularly. Whilst some of these are present in all cats as they can all shift negative energy very easily as part of their skillset, calicos really can take that to the next level.

1. The markings on a calico cat are distinctive and unique - there are no two alike. This is different to other cats, and I just saw 3 tuxedo cats (black and white markings) who were all identical. Calicos are predominantly pure white, with grounding brown/tan, and the strong feminine energies of black, in varying degrees. These colour combinations carry certain vibrations that attract particular energies to them, which in turn help their work here on Earth. Some of which is not for the faint-hearted! They are therefore balanced, focused and sure of themselves.

2. Most calicos are female, with males appearing very rarely. It is said that the rare male calicos are sterile but I haven't actually met a male calico, and my interactions have all been with females. If you have a male calico cat, I would love to hear from you!

3. They tend to come into your life when you need it the most. If a stray calico cat suddenly crosses your path or wanders into your property, or your life, you can assume that this is no accident. They are like gypsies in that they travel from place to place, person to person, crisis to crisis, and help where they can. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they leave when their work is done. You can consider it very lucky if a calico cat enters your life, and there is a very good reason why they are there. Keep them! My calico "Calypso" came into my life for a profound reason, and I healed her from the brink of death despite the vet telling me she had to be put down. A lesson there, and it turned into a whole new way of thinking for me and my healing work with animals.

4. They are masters at getting rid of negative entities and energy around you and your home. This is where they are really remarkable. All cats are excellent at protecting us from negative energies, but calicos seem to go one step beyond that. They are able to take on anything, no matter how nasty or menacing the entity is. They can see them, reason with them, and remove them. They also bounce back faster than some other cats who take on such entities.

5. They often patrol the perimeter of your home/bedroom at night. This is to ensure that you are safe from negative energies that may lurk at night. When we sleep our bodies heal, but we are also vulnerable to things that may come our way that we really don't want to come our way! Calicos will roam and pace, a bit like a centurion guarding a fortress. They do it automatically. In my household, my calico does this at various times, particularly at night and around the full moons, and my other Ocicats sleep the night away.

6. They can come across as aloof and disconnected. This isn't because they aren't cuddly and loving - they absolutely can be both - but they have a clear purpose and role here and they just get on with it.

7. Calicos often leave a household or dwelling when they have completed whatever it is that they came there to do. You may never know what that is, and if it is your beloved pet then this can be very upsetting if they disappear. However, take comfort in the fact that they definitely wouldn't leave if they didn't feel comfortable that you were out of danger. If your calico stays, it doesn't mean that you or your home has constant negative energy, it simply means that they see their life purpose as being connected with you forever.

8. For the longest time, calicos did not fair well with humans and were branded as problem cats who "didn't look very nice". Humans really have no idea sometimes! This way of thinking forced the calicos to stay outside in the wild, while picky owners preferred cats who matched their furniture (yes - true!), who "looked prettier" or who behaved better (i.e. not a stray cat). Cats all have their distinctive personalities so you can find a prized pedigree cat who is very naughty or constantly sick, and a stray cat who is very well behaved, loving and healthy. It's all relative and I think all cats are amazing regardless of whether I encounter them in a gutter, a rescue shelter, a pet shop or a household. For me, I tune into the personality of the cat. The rest of it (like markings and behaviour) add pieces to the jigsaw puzzle and form the complete holistic picture.

9. Calicos are spirited, independent, wise and supremely clever. They often look at you as if to humour you, and it is easy to have a conversation with a calico. They will often talk back with their forceful meows, and are always grateful for any food that they receive. My calico is the only cat I have owned that actually comes up to rub against me to say "thank you" before and after her food. Every time. The others meow loudly as if to say "hurry up with the food Mum!".

If a calico cat crosses your path, see it as a magical sign from the Universe that help is on the way for you and you will be energy attuned from that day forward. Allow them to be themselves, appreciate their independence, read their cues, treat them with love and respect and you will get a very loyal companion in return.

The pics in this article are of my calico called "Calypso" who adopted us in Spain last year. She is a VERY special girl - more to come on her story and how we helped each other - watch this space!

I would love to hear your stories of your calico cats, or any other pet encounters. I am passionate about bridging the communication gap between owners and their pets. Animals really are the genius in this world!

Love and enjoy your pets, and if you are lucky enough to know a calico cat then you will be encountering some pretty special times!


Nikki Jordan is an advocate for creating a 5th dimensional collaborative community that co-creates together, while supporting, loving and respecting every living creature. You can read more about her here

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