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Five Essential Oils To Start Your Discovery Journey


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5 Weeks


About the Course

This is a 5 lesson course where Nikki thoroughly explains each oil so that you understand what it is, how you can use it in your life, and how to use it safely.

Throughout the 5 lessons you will learn about Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus. She will also tell you which carrier oils they can blend with (Nikki always believes in using what you have in the house first rather than buy from outside!) and how you can start blending your own fabulous healing potions today on your first lesson. For every lesson, you will be empowered to blend with confidence at home!

Lesson 1 - Introduction, Carrier Oils & Lavender

Lesson 2 - Lemon

Lesson 3 - Bergamot

Lesson 4 - Eucapyptus

Lesson 5 - Frankincense

Your Instructor

Nikki Jordan

Nikki Jordan is an ITEC qualified Aromatherapist and an ITEC Anatomy & Physiology graduate which enables her to completely understand the chemistry of essential oils and how they affect every part of our bodies. She has been teaching others about essential oils for the past 20 years, and fully believes in activating your own intuition so that you can naturally choose the right essential oil every time. She also believes in the power of the oils and will spend time on the safety aspects of each oil so that you can practice at your leisure and enjoy their unlimited benefits!

Nikki Jordan
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